Review Policy

I do accept request to review books. This is done in an honest, and free manner.

Please keep in mind that, currently, I am only reviewing books that fall into the Young Adult delineation. That is large in itself, so let's break it down to anything that falls from middle grade onwards into upper age YA. I however have strayed, once or twice, and have reviewed adult crossovers, and adult supernatural and urban fantasy. Genres preferences are as follows:
  • paranormal/ supernatural
  • dystopian/ projected futures
  • historical
  • fantasy 
  • romance
  • mystery
  • horror
In actual fact, let's just make this easier. Unfortunately I do not review contemporary or non-fiction. (And you most probably would not want me to)

I accept hard copy books and e-books in the form of MOBI, EPUB, and PDF. Physical copies are preferred, for as a full-time student, it is easier for me to make notes, and bookmarks, in order to produce the best possible review. I also accept digital review copies.

If you are a publisher or author and are interested in requesting a review, or have any further questions, then please email me at I can also be reached, via message, on my Goodreads.

A forewarning, as a full time student, I will not be able to fulfil every request. I, however, do check my email daily. Any decision, whether that may be an acceptance, or reluctant decline, will be enclosed in a reply within the week.

To peruse a large majority of my reviews, please see Goodreads.