About me

Who owns the keyboard?

Jess lives her life wholly fascinated by the idea of decoding herself. She writes like a pretentious ass (please excuse the crassness), likes wasting her life away murmuring like she’s got a damn clue about art and brushstrokes and colour palettes and she rather enjoys getting her hair to sit in rich round ringlets. It’s a hobby. Don’t judge her for it. Mostly though, she’s a student with a love for the written word, turning life still with the press of a button and horridly spewing the urban dictionary. Such is a good life.

In her day to day interactions with the world, she’s opinionated about equality and politics, but is way to cynical and impatient for such passions (they require diligence and a will to fight, sadly.) Thus, for her fiction, she’ll take anything and everything, societal expectations be damned. She leaves the constraints of morals and ethics and whatever the hell that holds human beings back and seeks books that breach those invisible boundaries. Aesthetic liberty is a concept that she’s a spokeswoman for. She wants to give a standing ovation. She’s just not in it for the conventional.

A little about My Reading Dress

Reviewing became a thing I did early last year. They were monsters of essays and when they outgrew Goodreads, as did my patience with the lack of facility to proclaim other opinions (and clearly I have many), I took to My Reading Dress. It’s always been a thing I longed to do, an affirmation of my passion for writing. Now here we are.

Hailing from good ol’ Australia, My Reading Dress primarily reviews Young Adult books, while also dabbling in discussions on an array of bookish topics and a side serving (a mighty one that likes to dominate) of life and all its catastrophes.

Cynical and sarcastic, Jess may be, but I guess that’s what’s on offer. The sad part of me blames conventionalism, something that I’m extremely wary of it. Reviews that are a blast from the past reflect a younger, growing self. If you’re bothered and have a little (lot) time on your hands, you can peruse the evolution of Jess. I can’t do a lot of certain tropes, types etc anymore. It's sad, and a little nostalgic, but we grow as people, every single day. I've grown so much, and my reviews have reflected this.

All reviews are subjective, with an attempt at objectivism. Yes, I’m aware I can’t put too antonyms together. I do semi combination reviews (oh yes, I’m rather creative huh)—I talk about the hits and misses (based on societal standards—all the conventional boxes—and yes, that’s a thing) but I can’t suppress the subjectivist. But know this: it’s all honest. Every single world. With this whole blogging shebang, there’s nothing I value more in the world than transparency.

Do I accept review requests, beta-reading, guest posts? I’d say yes. Give the review policy a scan before you woosh that email off. 

See a disparity in ideas, opinions, review comments, especially in all things read and written in the past? Note it down with a comment or pop me an email.

All details are found on the contact page.