Seeking Saturday's Read #31: Where'd You Go Berna-Jess? (Halt the Puns)

Sunday, 28 June 2015

In my mind, a horrible pun is the answer to everything. The humourless cover up aside, the question however does ring true. Some people say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I say absence makes the void seem easier. Because quite honestly, some days when you let go just a little bit, it gets much easier to forget. 

Oh alright, I’ll stop with my last century semi-existentialist musings. Truth is, yes, I was caught up in exams. And then I wasn’t. Approximately a week and a half ago. In my mind I’d had this outrageously in-your-face seven weeks of consistent content turnover planned for the blog. And while I could excuse my absence on lack of time or lack of motivation or lack of whatever the hell I can find in the thesaurus, I’m not going to. In a way, the time’s there. I mean, I’m eating, I’m sleeping, I’m keeping up with hygiene (hah), and it’d be outright lying if I told you there weren’t gaps in my day, small as they may be, where I could produce something, anything. Motivation levels are also still at an all time high. In terms of content ideas, they’re still thankfully mirroring Niagra Falls. I suppose what’s different with me is how I’m balancing online v offline. Unfortunately I have yet to unlock the secret to equal measurements (is there such a thing?) and I’m sure this is a predicament that many of you share. 
sushi & bbq // i'll never say no to dessert // modern take on chinese food // magical cheesecake 
All that aside, what have I been doing since? Reading little to nothing. I officially began my Harry Potter reread. Made it to Prisoner of Azakaban, my all time favourite, and have since put the reread on hold (god, can I concentrate on achieving anything nowadays?) I finished Daughter of Deep Silence, which was a much better revenge plot read than others. Hello, I Love You was also consumed and drove me insane with fury. Let’s just say there's a lot of race superiority in there and that’s not what I signed up for. I also read the adult spinoff to the popular Princess Diaries series. I’m not of the majority who asked for more but I suppose I won’t complain. It’s written with the exact narration. The PG censorship is a little looser, but don’t get your hopes up kids. There is however a hell of a lot of satire (my favourite thing in the world) and the sarcasm and call for equality just warms my heart. Minnow Bly was a read that left me sobbing. And Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Bastard was a source of entertainment during exam stress, I suppose, but is not a series that I’ll be continuing. Currently I’m reading The Devil You Know and am about as far enough to tell you absolutely nothing of merit. Chapter three tells me that we’ve got a small town girl longing with enough desperation to break free that’ll she’ll probably road trip with strangers. You know how it goes. 
overeating at yum cha // i'm normally late but my companions give late a whole new meaning // how stunning is the uk cover? // sushi train, again 
In the past few weeks I’ve watched Tomorrowland, Jurassic World and Inside Out. I’m not one to say much about movies but let’s just talk about Tomorrowland for a second here. That movie was an amalgamation of every cliche in existence. There’s a long and highly unnecessary buildup concerning our special snowflake of a protagonists who becomes the definition of redundant. George Clooney, who drew me into this film, bored me to death, while equally making the entire crowd immensely uncomfortable with the borderline odd relationship with his childhood best friend in guise of robot thing. And the “love your environment” moral shoved down our throats was horridly overdone. There’s a lot of “hug a tree or this is your dystopia” slapped on every scene. And I just couldn’t warm to that. You want me to drive a hybrid? Can someone cash out and get me a Tesla then because homegirl’s low on cash. Jurassic World was captivating start to end (including its aggressive attempt at product place, which I suppose I’ll forgive Mercedes for, considering they’re quite easy on the eyes.) Inside Out was as heart-warming as every animation is. 
tiramisu in a jar! // chauffeur for the day // my sweet tooth always wins // what's between lunch and dinner? 
Other than that, there’s been a lot of eating, chatting, plans for hikes in winter because I have little understanding of weather appropriate activities. I’ve also had little to no sleep this week thanks to my bird dilemma (that’s another story but fear not, we’ve had that resolved now). Other than that, I'm dying to binge read a high fantasy and have no idea where to start. 

How have y’all been? Any favourite reads? And what about some of your favourite blog posts in the past month? And how do we all feel about high fantasy? Tell me all. 


Yes, this fortnightly wrap up which began as a weekly offering has since become a once-every-three-weeks, turned once a month, turned a month overdue, labelled as "Saturday" but published on a Sunday. But hey, it's Saturday somewhere out there.