Seeking Saturday's Read #16: Retreating From the Online World, 2015's Darkling and Next Week's Ambitious TBR

Saturday, 13 December 2014

There’s been a little a bit of radio silence on my behalf this week. Accredit that to Christmas, kids. I’m swamped left and right with work and catchups and it’s been a little hard keeping balance. To be fair, I prognosticated this so it wasn’t exactly out of the blue. The sleeping situation remains horrendous. How I’ve survived without a decent night’s sleep since September is beyond me. Perhaps I’ll crash in January? 

Due to my lack of online presence this week, I’ve been making the rounds in real life. Between work and other life requirements, I managed to squeeze in a couple of lunches with dear friends. Having my Christmas shopping done and dusted has meant that I've been happily people watching without that tugging you're just as unorganised feeling. The crowds are amassing. The stress is high. I’ve also used my waking hours to accumulate some footage that I’ve taken throughout the year and am now in the process of smushing it all together into one large video recapping 2014. Honestly, it’d just be a two minute video of food because I have a problem. But that’ll all be unveiled in the last week of December. Keep an eye out for it. 

Reentering real life this week has allowed me the luxury of some (that’s the key word here) time to myself. I managed to squeeze in two books at the beginning of the week and am now in the process of two more. In an ideal world, I envision myself as someone who’d complete an extra four books by the end of this weekend but who am I kidding? That’s insanity. 

My exploration in Boomerang turned out quite surprising. While I wasn’t sold, it didn’t disappoint either. From what I've garnered from popular NA titles, there is the inclusion of mature themes, yes, but there’s  also an exploration into concepts and ideas that an average fresh faced adult would tumble into. Boomerang could work a little on its execution but overall it was rather solid. I am holding out on complete judgement until Rebound, which I hope to get knocked over by the end of next week. 

I also did this horrible thing where I read a 2015 book. Not only am I unable to release my review and sway you all to the preorder button (which you should. Highly recommend) but I’m also stuck for about the next four or so months, stewing in my own feelings. It was an intense read but I can see my 2015 brightly: I’m book pushing Red Queen to you all for 2015. For those who know of my undying love for SLA, Red Queen is the fantasy debut that you must look out for. For those who are weary, let me help your feelings dissipate with four words: We have a Darkling. I consider it my life’s mission to hunt Darkling parallels. Hell no, I do not condone unhealthy relationships. I am however intrigued by the psychological make up and the conditioning of seemingly sociopathic characters. Sue me for being curious. I have an initial review up on Goodreads but who do I kid, it’ll never be enough. Mark down February, kids, it’s going to be a good one. 

I’m being ambitious with the lead up to Christmas (why, I’ll never know, considering this is the busiest week or so of December). I’m hoping to gobble up To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, especially due to all the hype surrounding it (and because I'm dipping my finger--I'd rather not envision toe--into contemporary waters). Plus, the kiddo’s name is Kavinsky. In what world do I resist a Russian name? And for all those who know of my Veronica Mars love, you should know that I’m chuffed to be in the midst of chowing down the second book, Mr. Kiss and Tell. I said milk me and they sure did. My NA journey continues on as I spend this week reading Amour Amour. It’s a mix of circus acrobatics and hot guys with Russian names. Need I say more? 

Regarding the aqua notepad ploys, I want to thank you all. You’ve given my argument heft. There’s a house meeting tomorrow night. I’m going to squeeze my way in and fight for my shower thoughts because I want them documented. I’ll keep you updated. 

Side note, my AUS giveaway of The Imaginary by A.F. Harrold and Emily Gravett is ending this weekend. The winner will be announced via twitter.

If you round it up, there's about a week until Christmas. What are you plans? Is your spirit at full force? And what's your reading schedule like? I want to know it all.